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October 07, 2007



I know exactly how you feel right now. Had the same experience when i started my MBA programm at the zollverein-school.com about 2 years ago. Good luck on your way...and maybe we see someday at one of these conferences out there...

"And to meet so many like-minded students, professors, colleagues and businesses that are friends of ID is exhilirating. I'm no longer limited to magazines, books and blogs for daily interaction (if reading is considered interaction) on design's potential on business.

when i read you post the song behind the url popped straight away in my head ;-)


Design is a powerful force whose contribution can best be understood when we take Art by the hand and into another room for the time being.
Have fun!

Jon King

This is contagious... keep us posted... I'm in need of the "like mindedness".

David Armano


I felt the same way when my eyes were opened. Amen. :-)

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