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Howdy! My name is Jon Campbell and I am currently a graduate student at the Illinois Institute of Technology's Institute of Design (ID) working toward my Master of Design Methods degree with a planned graduation date of May 2008.

Up until September 2007, I was manager, prospect marketing, at Harley-Davidson Motor Co., overseeing lead generation, lead nurturing and online/interactive advertising. Before joining the Motor Co., I worked on the account side at ad agency Cramer-Krasselt for six years on a variety of brands.

I am passionate about marketing and design, and am looking to marry these two disciplines to help, in Tom Peters' words, "Dent the Universe" in a powerful and positive way. I truly believe the design planning skills and innovation methods I'm practicing at ID along with my brand strategy/marketing background will allow me to help organizations make a significant impact in innovating and bringing to market new offerings that benefit the end user, the organization and society at large.

I happily spend my work time and my "off-hours" talking, philosophizing, debating, ruminating and reading about the two topics. So I figured...why not add blogging for those moments when I'm not doing any of the above?

Outside of school/work, I do find time to ride my '07 Harley-Davidson Road King, travel, improve my photography skills and read business, history, sociology/psychology, and biographies. I speak Danish and can get by in an emergency in French.